1 = E (The Royal Oak)
2 = B (Carlton House)
3 = C (The Imperial)
4 = A (The Bridge Hotel)

Official: Can I help you?

Man: Yes, I was wanting somewhere to stay for a few days – a four or five star hotel. Can you tell me something about the possibilities?

Official: OK, right, well there are five hotels that might interest you. Were you wanting a city centre location, or would you be interested in something a bit further out?

Man: Well, I do have a car so I could go for either.

Official: Well, there are two central hotels in the range you’re looking for – there’s Carlton House and The Imperial, they’re both near the main square, but 1 if you’ve got your own transport you might be interested in the Royal Oak – that’s out in the country, about ten kilometres away, very peaceful. Then there’s the Bridge hotel and the Majestic – they’re both in town but not in the centre, they’re out on the airport road.

Man: Mmm that might be a bit far out actually. OK, now the other two you mentioned, in the city centre. Can you tell me a bit about them?

Official: Well, they’re both excellent hotels. If you want something with a bit of character, 2 Carlton House is quite unusual – it’s a very old building that was originally a large private house, it was bought by the Vannis chain and they completely refurbished it – they took their first guests just a few months ago but it’s already got an excellent reputation. That’s a five star hotel. Or there’s the 3 Imperial, which is a much more modern building. That’s also has its own gym and it also has internet connection and meetings rooms – it’s used for conferences and corporate events as well as private guests. That’s five star as well.

Man: Does it have a swimming pool as well as a gym?

Official: No – the Royal Oak has an outdoor pool, which is lovely in the summer, 4 but the only hotel with an indoor pool is the Bridge Hotel. It doesn’t have a gym though. The Majestic is planning to build a swimming pool and a fitness centre, but it’s not finished yet.

Man: I see. Well, I think I’ll probably go for one of the city centre hotels.

While you listen, put your finger or pen on the hotel or description that is being mentioned. Being active while you listen will help you to concentrate.

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