1 + 2 = language, customs
3 + 4 = music (groups), local history (groups)
5 + 6 = (the) (public) library/ libraries, (the) town hall

Words in brackets are optional – they are correct, but not necessary. Alternative answers are separated by a slash (/).

You will hear an extract from a talk given to a group who are going to stay in the UK.

Good evening, and welcome to the British Council. My name is John Parker and I’ve been asked to talk to you briefly about certain aspects of life in the UK before you actually go there. So I’m going to talk first about the best ways of making social contacts there. Now you might be wondering why it should be necessary. After all, we meet people all the time. But when you’re living in a foreign country it can be more difficult, 1 + 2 not just because of the language, but because customs may be different. If you’re going to work in the UK you will probably be living in private accommodation, so it won’t be quite so easy to meet people. But there are still things that you can do to help yourself. First of all, you can get involved in activities in your local community, join a group of some kind. For example, you’ll probably find that there are theatre groups who might be looking for actors, set designers and so on, or 3 + 4 if you play an instrument you could join music groups in your area. Or if you like the idea of finding out about local history there’ll be a group for that too. These are just examples. 5 + 6 And the best places to get information about things like this are either the town hall or the public library. Libraries in the UK perform quite a broad range of functions nowadays – they’re not just confined to lending books, although that’s their main role of course.

In question 4 the answer is ‘local history’. Many students simply write ‘history’- this is incorrect. ‘Local history’ and ‘history’ are not the same- the meaning is different. However, in question 5 the answer can be ‘public libraries’ or simply ‘libraries’. This is because ‘libraries’ and ‘public libraries’ are the same.

In general, it is better to write the full phrase:  local history, public libraries. This way you are less likely to lose points.

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