An example of an IELTS Form completion question for IELTS reading
1 = Mkere
2 = Westall
3 = BS8 9PU
4 = 0.75 m/metre(s)/meter(s) (wide) / three(-)quarter(s) (of) (a) metre/meter (wide) / ¾ m (wide) / 75 cm(s) (wide)
5 = 0.5 m/metre(s)/meter(s) (high/deep) / (a) half (a) metre/meter (high/deep) / ½ m (high/deep) / 50 cm(s) (high/deep)
6 = (some) books/ (some) toys
7 = (some) books/ (some) toys
8 = 1,700

A Good morning Packham’s Shipping Agents. Can I help you?
B Oh yes, I’m ringing to make enquiries about sending a large box, a container, back home to Kenya from the UK.
A Yes, of course. Would you like me to try and find some quotations for you?
B Yes, that’d be great. Thank you.
A Well first of all, I need a few details from you.
B Fine.
A Can I take your name?
B It’s Jacob Mkere.
A Can you spell your surname, please?
B Yes, it’s 1 M-K-E-R-E.
A Is that ‘M’ for mother?
B Yes.
A Thank you, and you say that you will be sending the box to Kenya?
B That’s right.
A And where would you like the box picked up from?
B From college, if possible.
A Yes, of course. I’ll take down the address now.
B It’s Westall College.
A Is that 2 W-E-S-T-A-L-L? B Yes, … college.
A Westall College. And where’s that?
B It’s Downlands Road, in Bristol.
A Oh yes, I know it. And the postcode?
B It’s 3 BS8 9PU.
A Right … and I need to know the size.
B Yes, I’ve measured it carefully and it’s 1.5m long …
A Right.
B 4 0.75m wide …
B And it’s 5 0.5m high or deep.
A Great. So I’ll calculate the volume in a moment and get some quotes for that. But first can you tell me, you know, very generally, what will be in the box?
B Yes there’s mostly clothes.
A OK. [writing down] B And there’s 6 some books.
A OK. Good. Um … Anything else?
B Yes, there’s also 7 some toys.
A OK and what is the total value, do you think, of the contents?
B Well the main costs are the clothes and the books – they’ll be about £1500 but then the toys are about another two hundred – so I’d put down 8 £1700.

You will often have moments when the answer for two questions come in a short space of time. For example, the answer to question 5 comes immediately after question 4. Here are some ways to prepare for this:

  1. make sure you have read and understood all the questions before the recording starts. 
  2. practice writing the answer to questions while still paying attention to the audio.
  3. quickly write down the answer on your question paper. You can copy the answer more neatly on to your answer sheet after the recording.

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