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A word used to describe a child, young person, or young animal.

Some people believe this can only cause damage to youngsters as they may develop an addiction or start to form anti-social habits.

Harmful to society.

Youngsters may develop an addiction or start to form antisocial habits. 

Causing addiction, which is the need or strong desire to do or to have something, or a very strong liking for something.

Computer games are highly addictive.

To have a very strong feeling of wanting something.

Youngsters crave video games while they should be focused on other things like homework.

To no longer be interested in something, meaning no longer wanting to give attention to something.

Youngsters often lose interest in healthy outdoor activities

Generally referring to those ranging from age 9 to 12 years – also called pre-teenagers or tweens who are at the age where they are leaving childhood and entering adolescence.

Computer games can create addiction in pre-adolescents.

Spoken or physical behaviour that is threatening or involves harm to someone or something.

An important problem is that of youngsters accessing violent games triggering aggression and violence in the children themselves

Experiencing something or being affected by it because of being in a particular situation or place.

Exposure to violent games produces feelings that last long after the game has finished.

To make feelings, especially of excitement or enjoyment, less strong.

In violent games, the young players are rewarded for violent acts, which can dampen their sensitivity to the consequences of such behaviour in real life.

Able to make you believe that something is true or right.

One of the most convincing arguments is that youngsters can develop good problem-solving skills.

A lot of freedom of movement, choice, or action.

If we allow our children free rein over their computer game playing, we are risking the development of addictive, anti-social and even violent human beings.

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