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These courses have been designed by highly qualified teachers with years of experience preparing students for the IELTS test. Eli – the main tutor – has been specialising in IELTS since 2015 and has helped numerous students to achieve band 7, 8 and even 9. 

Eli Howes

Your Instructor
Founder of English Pro Tips and expert IELTS teacher

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What our students have to say

These courses really helped me feel prepared for the IELTS and I was thrilled when I got the results I was aiming for. I particularly liked all of the quizzes.
From China
The likelihood of getting a higher score for IELTS is way more higher than any of course I knew before. The intergrated and fully interactive courses are designed to boost my confidence level and ability to get my head around the language which needs for IELTS.
From Sri Lanka
Great to finally know the secrets to get a 7 in IELTS writing. I wish I had found the course earlier. Thank you!
From Italy
Very clear videos and instruction. The quizzes and interaction activities are very effective. I feel ready for the test.
From China

For me, investing in online education is a great opportunity, but I will only buy something if I trust that person. I have total trust in Eli and the high quality of his work.

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How do the courses work?

The courses are 100% online. They are designed to be completed on a computer or laptop, but can also be accessed on a mobile phone. There are a mixture of videos, quizzes and model answers to help you. 

Do I have access to a teacher?

Yes, a teacher is available to answer all of your IELTS and English related questions. However, there are no private classes.

Are there any live classes?

No. All of the lessons are pre-recorded.

Can I get essay feedback?

You can use our writing evaluation service to get feedback on your writing. 

Do I need to have taken the IELTS test before?

No, our courses are designed for both students that haven’t taken the test before and those that are very familiar with IELTS but need that expert help to get a high score.

Can I cancel my membership?

Yes, you can cancel your membership at any time for any reason. 95% of our members cancel because they have achieved their target score. 

Does the monthly package last for 30 days from the subscription date or it’s from 1st of the month to the last day of the month?

It lasts for one month from whichever date you start. For example, if you start your membership on the 5th of May, the renewal will be on the 5th of June (unless you cancel your membership). 

Will my monthly membership automatically renew?

Yes, your membership will automatically renew unless you cancel. If you want to study for one month only, you can cancel your membership before the renewal date (I’ll send you an email 5 days before the renewal is due). 

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