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Introduction to Task 2

In this lesson, we look at what you need to know about task 2. 

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Lesson Material

Here is an example of Academic Task 2. Source: ielts.org

Frequently asked questions about task 2

  • Agree/Disagree Questions
  • Advantage/Disadvantage Questions
  • Discussion Questions
  • Double Questions
  • Direct Questions
  • Agree/Disagree Questions: 38% 
  • Advantage/Disadvantage Questions: 22%
  • Discussion Questions: 18%
  • Double Questions: 21%
  • Direct Questions: 2%

The topics in academic task 2 are general and do not require any specific knowledge. They are often on current themes of general interest such as rural to urban migration, the effects of technology on family and work, etc. We will cover these in this course. The most common topics are: 

  • Geography and the environment,
  • Economy and work,
  • Technology,
  • Education
  • Upbringing and parenting
  • The role of the government/companies/ celebrities/ individuals

Task 2 is worth double your task 1 score. 

Your answers are assessed on 4 categories. 

  • Task Achievement
  • Coherence and Cohesion
  • Lexical Resource
  • Grammatical Range and Accuracy

There are certain reasons why students don’t get band 7+

Task Achievement

  • Misunderstanding the question
  • Not having well-developed ideas
  • Not having a clear position

Coherence and Cohesion

  • Incorrect use of paragraphs
  • Inaccuracy of linking words

Lexical Resource

  • Mistakes in word choice/formation
  • Mistakes in spelling

Grammatical Range and Accuracy

  • Mistakes in grammar
  • Mistakes in punctuation
  • Overuse of simple structures

You shouldn’t focus too much on trying to use advanced vocabulary and grammar. Instead, you should focus on using the most accurate grammar and vocabulary for communicating your ideas. In this way, you’re likely to have a clear answer that the examiner can easily understand. 

You can make notes and plan on the question paper (we highly recommend this). You can ask the supervisor for extra paper.

We recommend quickly reading task 2 first to know what the question is but starting task 1 first. If you do this, your brain will begin to think of ideas for task 2 while completing task 1. Task 2 is worth more marks, but most candidates score lower in task 1 so it is important to spend 20-25 minutes on task 1.

You should write more than 250 words for task 2. There is no limit to how long your answer can be. You can put up your hand and the supervisor will give you more paper.  

Yes, it is important to clearly show the examiner that your answer has paragraphs. Do this by leaving one line free between each paragraph. 

They are not the same. Academic task 2 essays are on more challenging topics. For example, a General essay might ask about the advantages and disadvantages of living in a hot country, while an Academic essay might ask about the advantages and disadvantages of hosting international sporting events.  

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