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It is often argued that domestic waste has not been recycled enough for past few decades even though the drastic effects of poor recycling attempts appears to be true nowadays. While lack of time and space are major impediments to this trend, maintaining stringent environmental standards through proper waste disposal can mitigate the implications associated with less recycling efforts.

Having less time for domestic waste materials to recycle has been the most obvious reason that I can see. In general, it is widely known that a vast majority of people are bound to their work commitments and family responsibilities as a fact. This has led many people to ignore the responsibility of taking care of the environment over their endless deadlines at the work place, resulting less motivation for preserving reusable items. Moreover, most of the civilians have the tendency to appreciate the throw away culture being constant buyers enjoying consumerism, particularly when people are pressed for time. This literally means that when you do not have enough time to clean and dry reusable items you tend to discard them and buy new items, resulting accumulation of piles of wastes. For instance, there are many glass and plastic containers which can be used after cleaning well if people have time to maintain them and there is no need of purchasing same thing. Nevertheless, many people are living in confined spaces which is not even healthier for their inhabitation keeping recycling out of the question. These evidence show what poor decisions they have to make in order to survive leaving the importance of waste management behind.

However, governments are able to mitigate the negative consequences of dumping household garbage which could be either organic or non-organic. States, in my opinion, are responsible for alleviating the issues which stems from improper waste disposal methods. One single overriding measure which can be implemented by authorities is to deliver waste bins to the people who are unable to afford them and reward them through financial intensives once they have completed their task and responsibility. If the governments supplied waste collecting bins or containers to the household, they would treat the waste properly targeting at rewards even though they do not have much time to deal with this matter. Another measure which can be taken by government bodies is to provide workers who can work with individual families to manage household waste products byv collecting them and transporting them to suitable destinations where wastes could undergo proper treatments. These encouraging steps would be beneficial in order to tackle problems arising from waste items.

In conclusion, even though domestic recycling programmes have not been effective and efficient past days due to the fact that compacted living areas, tight working schedules which prevent people from recycling, there are many ways to address this issue such as provision of facilities for optimum recycling outcomes and rewarding public with economical benefits. If the governments had considered these measurements beforehand, the environment would not have been suffered much as we could see current days.

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  1. Hey Deepika. Nice and comprehensive essay. Here is some feedback:
    + Lots of high-level vocabulary (I particularly like “stringent environmental standards”)
    + Good use of synonyms (I particularly like “impediments”)
    + Good structure (clear paragraphs)
    + Clear introduction (clearly showing your main ideas)
    + Good conclusion (restating your ideas)
    – This idea is a bit confusing: “Nevertheless, many people are living in confined spaces which is not even healthier for their inhabitation keeping recycling out of the question.”- People don’t have to reuse the same item. They can just divide their trash into different containers to be recycled. This is the difference between items that are reused and recycled.
    – You mention “financial intensives once they have completed their task and responsibility.” but do not explain what you mean. Do you think the government should pay people to recycle?
    A good idea with double questions, particularly problem + solution essays, is to have a clear link between the problem and solution. For example, problem 1= not enough time to recycle, solution 1= putting recycling bins in convenient areas to save the time that it takes to recycle. Problem 2 = people don’t know how important it is to recycle, solution 2= educating people about how important it is to recycle.

    1. I tried to do seperate body paragraphs which gave me adifferent approach.

      One of the main reasons for less recycling efforts is that many people are not aware of the environmental damage which can cause by enormous volumes of garbage, especially non – organic waste products. What I mean by this is that when most of the civilians are not educated enough about the importance of the waste management, they do not tend to make efforts in order to segregate domestic waste materials which have been created in domestic environments. This could simply lead to pilling up more wastes over the time which could have been sorted out into various categories before it becomes worse. For instance, many people who are living in rural areas are considered to be literally poor and are more likely to throw the litter on ground leaving them to be lethal, thereby posing a threat to the health of eco-system. A one great solution for this matter is to raise awareness among people, particularly the residents who are having low literary levels. This obstacle can be overcome through illustrated diagrams or pictures which in turn educate the public regarding negative implications of uncontrolled piles of wastes and how to mitigate the existing problem of waste.

      Another reason, which hinder recycling process is that there are not considerable amount of spaces for collection and storage of recyclables and reusables, which intensify the problem. This is because a vast majority of inhabitants are living in confined spaces without gardens or extra expansion in their homes. This could leads to a unfavorable outcomes where many people are unable to segregate the mixed waste materials. A great illustration of this is that many shanty towns across the globe are congested with dumping sites simply because people who live in these areas do not have enough space to keep recycling bins or containers as a result of being cluttered.Therefore, most people do not mind to discard the domestic waste out freely as they are unable to find out places to put those garbage and this has been the excuse for many people not to eliminate them safely. This issue could be tackled by operating waste collection centers nearby these neighborhoods to prevent clogging the streets and water ways which can negatively affect the biodiversity by releasing toxic substances. This action can leads to a sustainable preservation of eco-system, which is of utmost importance. If the authorities implemented these measures, most civilians would adhere to the rules and regulations leading to a better world to live.

      1. I like these two paragraphs. You clearly relate your solutions to the problems you mention. My guess is that they might take quite a long time to write.

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